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This Week's Feature Highlight

Filament Winding (FW) Analysis

As part of the GENOA family, Filament Winding (FW) supports design and analysis of composite over-wrapped pressure vessels (COPVs). FW utilizes advanced composite mechanics and generates information that can be included in the PFA analysis of a COPV design. It can duplicate the manufacturing process by generating the correct tape schedule at each location on the COPV FEM model and calculate the residual stresses caused by the filament winding process. 

Filament Winding (FW) Features:  

  • Import finite element models from other software formats.
  • Generate pressure vessels: liner only, composite over-wrap only, or combined liner and composite over-wrap. 
  • Control the bonding between the liner and the composite over-wrap. 
  • Accounts for residual stresses due to the winding procedure and curing during the manufacturing procedure.
  • Outputs the node/element ply schedules (including orientations, materials, and thickness) and internal stress distribution, which depends on the geometry, loads, material properties, environment and filament winding process.
  • Generate finite element model of pressure vessels of several shapes and sizes. 
    Supports cylinders with circular, elliptic cross-sections and end caps with elliptic, spherical, geodesic, and toroidal shapes. 
  • Automatically generate filament winding ply schedules upon giving the definition of hoop and helical winding with greater control over the material and fabrication parameters.
  • Allows to simulate complete manufacturing to certification process (static, mechanical and thermal fatigue, and dynamic loading).
  • Design of filament wound pressure vessels for defense, automotive and aerospace applications that account for filament winding processes.
  • Predicts failure location and corresponding load.
  • Create design configurations with increased durability and damage tolerance.
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Did You Know?

Industrial Verification Examples

imageDid you know that there are over 30 industrial verification examples to browse on the official GENOA website?  In addition there are example videos of case models that demonstrate the capabilities of the GENOA modules. Find out more here! 

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