July 24, 2017
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Quick News & Press Release
GENOA 4.4 Released
NANO Capability Introduced
New PFA Unit Cell
New MCO Unit Cell
Issue #22 - 7/16/2013
Structural Health Monitoring Test Validation
Issue #21 - 1/16/2013
Managing Defects & End of Life Prediction / Validation in Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Issue #20 - 4/13/2010
Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)
Issue #19 - 11/17/2009
Composite Structures & Parametric Robust Design (PRD)
Issue #18 - 7/13/2009
Numerical Approach to Determine Crack Path and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures
Issue #17 - 5/4/2009
Certification-by-Analysis (CBA)
Issue #16 - 10/20/2008
Material Qualification and Certification Determine Allowables by Means of Virtual Simulation Combined With Limited Testing
Issue #15 - 6/10/2008
Predicting Post-Buckling Response and Ultimate Failure of Composite 2-Stringer Panels
Issue #14 - 4/28/2008
Composite Storage Module Joint Analysis and Test Verification
Issue #13 - 2/25/2008
GENOA 4.3 Release with A- and B-Basis Allowables
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Product Datasheets

GENOA Virtual Testing Software for Durability, Reliability, Manufacturing, and Life Prediction

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     GENOA Software Requirements and Specifications

GENOA is an integrated structural analysis/design software suite developed to cost-effectively predict strength, reliability and durability of metallic and composite structural components at the design stage with minimal experimental testing support. The software suite employs leading edge technology from the fields of composites and structural science to deliver unequaled performance and analytical capability directly into the hands of today's engineers.

GENOA is modular software utilizing both linear and non-linear technology.

Progressive Failure Analysis (PFA)

          Static (PFA_STATIC)

Additional PFA Options:


Virtual Crack Closure Technique (PFA_VCCT)

Discrete Cohesive Zone Model (PFA_DCZM)

Honeycomb Sandwich Structure (PFA_HONEYCOMB)

Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis (PFA_PFDA)

PFA Fatigue

          Quasi-Static Fatigue (Low Cycle) (PFA_FATIGUE_QUASI)

          Harmonic Fatigue (High Cycle) (PFA_FATIGUE_HARMONIC)

          Power Spectrum Density (PSD)

          Random Fatigue (Spectrum Loading) (PFA_FATIGUE_RANDOM)

          Fatigue with Fracture Mechanics (PFA_FATIGUE_VCCT)

PFA Dynamics

          Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis (PFA_PFDA)


          Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)

          PFA Unit Cell (PFA_UNIT_CELL)

          Material Uncertainty Analysis (MUA)

          NANO Material Characterization Analysis (NANO_MCA)

          Fracture Toughness Determination (FTD)

          Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG)

          Parametric Carpet Plots (CARPET_PLOT)

          A- & B- Basis Allowables (AB_ALLOWABLE)


          Filament Winding (FW)

Optimization & Reliability

          Progressive Failure Optimization (PFO)

          Probabilistic Analysis (PA)

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