June 24, 2017
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Issue #22 - 7/16/2013
Structural Health Monitoring Test Validation
Issue #21 - 1/16/2013
Managing Defects & End of Life Prediction / Validation in Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Issue #20 - 4/13/2010
Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)
Issue #19 - 11/17/2009
Composite Structures & Parametric Robust Design (PRD)
Issue #18 - 7/13/2009
Numerical Approach to Determine Crack Path and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures
Issue #17 - 5/4/2009
Certification-by-Analysis (CBA)
Issue #16 - 10/20/2008
Material Qualification and Certification Determine Allowables by Means of Virtual Simulation Combined With Limited Testing
Issue #15 - 6/10/2008
Predicting Post-Buckling Response and Ultimate Failure of Composite 2-Stringer Panels
Issue #14 - 4/28/2008
Composite Storage Module Joint Analysis and Test Verification
Issue #13 - 2/25/2008
GENOA 4.3 Release with A- and B-Basis Allowables
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NANO Material Characterization Analysis (NANOCOMPOSITE)

View Product Datasheet (PDF)

Product Highlights:

         Calculates lamina (ply) nanocomposite properties of polymers and ceramic matrix composites containing aligned chopped fiber like particles.

         Predicts the following ply properties:

o        Modulus

o        Poisson's Ratio

o        Strength

o        Accounts for manufacturing defects like voids.

         Calculates ply properties if chopped fibers (e.g., carbon nanotubes) are randomly oriented in the matrix with MCA module.

         Simulates enhanced nanocomposite or continuous fibers coated with enhanced matrix (multi-scale composites) like advance materials with PFA, PFDA, Fatigue and other modules.


         Precisely evaluates the service life of composite structures subject to static and dynamic loads if proper assumptions are made with minimum testing efforts

         Predicts the Inter-laminar shear strength, impact resistance, and fatigue failure initiation site and its development in aerospace, automotive and other composite structural components.

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