June 24, 2017
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GENOA 4.4 Released
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Issue #22 - 7/16/2013
Structural Health Monitoring Test Validation
Issue #21 - 1/16/2013
Managing Defects & End of Life Prediction / Validation in Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Issue #20 - 4/13/2010
Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)
Issue #19 - 11/17/2009
Composite Structures & Parametric Robust Design (PRD)
Issue #18 - 7/13/2009
Numerical Approach to Determine Crack Path and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures
Issue #17 - 5/4/2009
Certification-by-Analysis (CBA)
Issue #16 - 10/20/2008
Material Qualification and Certification Determine Allowables by Means of Virtual Simulation Combined With Limited Testing
Issue #15 - 6/10/2008
Predicting Post-Buckling Response and Ultimate Failure of Composite 2-Stringer Panels
Issue #14 - 4/28/2008
Composite Storage Module Joint Analysis and Test Verification
Issue #13 - 2/25/2008
GENOA 4.3 Release with A- and B-Basis Allowables
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Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)

Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)

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Product Highlights:

         Designed to help reverse engineer effective fiber and matrix strength and stiffness properties for tape, weaves and braided material and is limited to un-notched uniform stress coupons subjected to in-plane loading.

         Features integration of modules and capabilities:

o        Fiber, Matrix, and Lamina Calibration - reverse engineer effective fiber/matrix properties from unidirectional test data (strength and stiffness) and fiber and void volume ratios

o        Non-Linear Material Characterization Optimization (MCO) - reverse engineers effective stress strain curve for matrix from in-plane shear laminate test data (e.g., ASTM 3518), or ply from laminate test data.

o        Ply Level Analysis - Predicts equivalent ply properties using fiber matrix properties as input

o        Laminate Analysis - predicts equivalent laminate properties using fiber/matrix or ply properties as input

o        Design Failure Envelope - predicts failure design envelop for chosen failure criteria for laminates

o        Ply Characterization - shows variation in strength with ply orientation and fiber or void volume ratio

o        A- & B- Basis Allowables - predicts A- and B-Basis allowables for un-notched uniform stressed coupons using limited test data or no test data and previously calibrated fiber/matrix properties as input

o        Parametric Carpet Plot -- generates multiple carpet plots that show variation in strength, stiffness and other material properties with variation in mixed layups distribution.


         Characterize Material and layup for certification.

         Does not require any Finite Element solvers, thus extremely fast.

         Prediction of lamina and/or laminate properties in virtually all types of composite architectures (2D/3D).

         Material calibration based on experimental data.

         Prediction of ply and laminate strength and stiffness.


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