June 24, 2017
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Issue #22 - 7/16/2013
Structural Health Monitoring Test Validation
Issue #21 - 1/16/2013
Managing Defects & End of Life Prediction / Validation in Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Issue #20 - 4/13/2010
Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)
Issue #19 - 11/17/2009
Composite Structures & Parametric Robust Design (PRD)
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Numerical Approach to Determine Crack Path and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures
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Certification-by-Analysis (CBA)
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Material Qualification and Certification Determine Allowables by Means of Virtual Simulation Combined With Limited Testing
Issue #15 - 6/10/2008
Predicting Post-Buckling Response and Ultimate Failure of Composite 2-Stringer Panels
Issue #14 - 4/28/2008
Composite Storage Module Joint Analysis and Test Verification
Issue #13 - 2/25/2008
GENOA 4.3 Release with A- and B-Basis Allowables
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Filament Winding (FW)

Filament Winding (FW)

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Product Highlights:

         Supports design and analysis of composite over-wrapped pressure vessels (COPVs). GENOA-FW combines advanced composite mechanics with a special module for filament winding analysis.

         Allows to perform Low Fidelity Winding Optimization for given tank dimensions and fiber/matrix material properties considering the loads and stiffness. The outcome is recommended number of hoop/helical windings, thickness of each ply, estimated burst pressure, total composite weight after winding, and more.

         Allows to perform High Fidelity Winding Optimization for given tank dimensions and fiber/matrix material properties considering the loads and stiffness. The High Fidelity data is more precise than the Low Fidelity data and requires more computational time.

         Enables duplicating the manufacturing process by generating the correct tape schedule at each location on the COPV FEM model and calculating residual stresses caused by the filament winding process.

         Handles HOOP and HELICAL wrapping techniques. The winding angle, overlap, and number of circuits determine whether the wrapping covers the whole surface without gaps/voids.

         Permits to model variable thickness metallic liner, import external tank models, generate bonded and un-bonded liner for COPVs.

         Input includes COPV geometry, desired ply schedule, material properties for each ply as well as parameters, which are specific to the filament winding process. Geometry can be provided as an FEM model or as geometrical data (cylinder length and radius, dome type, etc.) sufficient for generating the FEM model. Ply schedules define sets of plies with ply wrapping type (HOOP, HELICAL), angle, material, tension, etc. for each ply. Material properties are defined by fiber/matrix Id's in GENOA-PFA's material databank, fiber volume ratio (FVR), and other parameters.

         Outputs the node/element ply schedules (including orientations, materials, and thickness) and internal stress distribution, which depends on the geometry, loads, material properties, environment and filament winding process.

         Generated information can be included in the Progressive Failure Analysis of a COPV design. PFA allows simulating complete certification process (burst pressure analysis, loading unloading, fatigue life assessment, impact analysis, and more).


         Design of filament wound pressure vessels for defense, automotive and aerospace applications.

         Predicts failure location and corresponding load.

         Permits to create design configurations with increased durability and damage tolerance.

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