June 24, 2017
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Issue #22 - 7/16/2013
Structural Health Monitoring Test Validation
Issue #21 - 1/16/2013
Managing Defects & End of Life Prediction / Validation in Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Issue #20 - 4/13/2010
Material Characterization & Qualification (MCQ)
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Composite Structures & Parametric Robust Design (PRD)
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Numerical Approach to Determine Crack Path and Delamination Growth in Composite Structures
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Certification-by-Analysis (CBA)
Issue #16 - 10/20/2008
Material Qualification and Certification Determine Allowables by Means of Virtual Simulation Combined With Limited Testing
Issue #15 - 6/10/2008
Predicting Post-Buckling Response and Ultimate Failure of Composite 2-Stringer Panels
Issue #14 - 4/28/2008
Composite Storage Module Joint Analysis and Test Verification
Issue #13 - 2/25/2008
GENOA 4.3 Release with A- and B-Basis Allowables
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Parametric Carpet Plots

Parametric Carpet Plots (CARPET_PLOT)

View Product Datasheet (PDF)


          Generates carpet plots of laminate properties as a function of percent 0, +/-45 and 90 plies.

         Mechanical properties generated include stiffness, strength and Poisson's ratio.

         Laminate thermal properties such as coefficient of thermal expansion, conductivity, and specific heat can be generated as well.

         Identifies laminate percentages (regions) that are governed by fiber failure dominance, by matrix cracking (transverse and shear) dominance and by combined fiber/matrix failure.

         Applicable to coupon/component levels.


         Can reduce the number of laminate coupon tests required to verify the entire range of 0, +/-45 and 90 percentages.

o        Verify select laminate layup predicted strength/stiffness response with physical testing.

o        Then rely on GENOA to generate strength/stiffness responses are all remaining laminate layups.

         Provides a guideline when test data is not available

         Identifies laminate layups that are governed by specific local criteria (fiber controlled vs. matrix controlled)

Laminate Carpet Plot of Modulus

         Carpet plots are an effective tool to accelerate qualification and certification of aerospace advanced composite materials.


Laminate Strength Carpet Plot

         Can be used to recommend minimum number of laminate layups to be tested.

         Strength carpet plot shows 3 bounded failure regions.


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